Above : Phare du Planier – Dalton Wreck – Marseille. 

I really want to thank everybody I met at the Paris International Dive Show.

I received a very warm welcome.

I spent hours there during these last 3 days wearing my shiny pink tee shirt.

All the professionals I met came up with good advice. Some shared their own experience. This was really usefull and helpfull and will be implemented in the future… I will remember all I heard

As I have already said,   I am more than ever convinced that my career is now in the diving industry !

I will email everybody I discussed with very soon.

I hope I can land a job as instructor as early as April 2014!

May I suggest you visit this page : http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigeyebubblefish, Enjoy ! He is an amazing photographer, (he took the background picture of my website, others pictures are mine).

So’ Sonia

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