Now let’s go

Above : Vanessa, my first trainee, Egypt Red Sea !

My sharings

– During the last years, I shared my diving experiences with whoever cares to listen… I regularly organise leisure and diving trips with my friends.

Some have followed suit and have also become divers. So we enjoy going diving together in all sorts of places. I enjoy this so much…

Taking the plunge !

– December 2013 is when I took a decision regarding my job… I would change worlds on january 31st.

So I began preparing my future career : where and when would I follow my diving Instructor courses…?

Having sorted out all issues and listened to everyone’s advice, all I needed was a train ticket and an accommodation !

Since december 20th, I’m daily committed to my desire to become an OWSI Instructor.

I’m really tied up until my departure to Cannes (France) on february 21st.


- Courses will take place at the IT College from february 22nd  to march 7th, 2014

Exams are scheduled on March 8th and 9th !


– I’ve been speaking of this project for seven years, after a trip to Bali, to my relatives and friends…

I have discovered, over the last year, that it is not a dream nor a craze, but surely my inescapable future.

So announcing my decision at the dawn of 2014 was finally no surprise for anybody ….


- I enjoy the happiness of being litteraly carried by a wealth of support and encouragements.

I am therefore very moved to thank my relatives, my friends and my instructors who have always helped me achieve my goals.

And of course, I won’t forget my first  trainees : I’m ready to pass on my knowledge !

Thank you to those who will be confident in my ability as I am looking for an instructor job somewhere in the world,  just next to the shore…


4 thoughts on “Now let’s go

  1. vanessa

    Encore un grand merci so pour m avoir fait partager ta passion

  2. Fred

    Ptit coucou so, indirectement, :-) merci de m avoir fait partager le monde du silence avec ta patience et ton sens de L’organisation :-)

  3. sonia

    I’m gratefull ! So pleased you visited this post

    • JEROME

      You’re mad about diving… I’m mad about flying…. We’re both mad about nature and wilderness… You’re undoubtedly my beloved daughter


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