Being a guide for A… Well known company – Safari in Bali – October 2014

above : At sunset heading to Pemuteran with Markisa from Menjagan island

- Amazing dive spots from such a nice boat “Markisa” with The Perfect Team and A great crew !

Pemuteran / Menjagan : Close Encounter, Deep Reef, Eel Garden, Underwater Cave, Nico’s Reef, Napoleon’s Reef, Jetty, Bat Cave, Coral Garden, Bajul Bay, Temple wall.
Tulamben / Amed : Liberty and japanese wrecks, Bunutan, Seraya, Pyramids, Jemeluk wall, Lipah bay.
Candidasa : Jetty & Tepekong.
Nusa Penida : Manta point & Crystal bay.

Incredible marine’s life with great visibility…Frog fish, clown fish, leaf fish,leather jacket fish, porcelain crab, cuttlefish, nembrotha kubaryana, triggerfish, pygmee sea horse, pipefish, longnose hawkfish, school of bumphead parrotfish, yellow box fish, razorfish, redfire goby,boxer shrimp, ornateghost pipefish, garden eel, harlequin shrimp, mandarin fish, juvenile and adult emperor angel fish, bannerfish, yellow snapper, porcupinefish, sea turtle, manta ray, trumpetfish, dangerous titan triggerfish, cornetfish, male ribbon eel, cowrie, clark’s anemone fish, redtooth triggerfish, hairy squat lobster (galathee de wally), batfish, surgeon fish, angel fish, ceratosoma, cocktatoo, reef sharks, tuna, picasso, electric clams, butterfly fish, barracuda, leopardo eel, stone fish, scorpion fish, unicorn fish, pegasus seamoth, crocodile fish, seastar, maxi chromoris, mantis shrimp, painted spiny lobster, octopus, malabar grouper, coral grouper,spider conch, cone shell, tiger cowrie, maxima clam,cardinal fish, phylidia varicosa, flying gunard, thorny oyster, phylidia varicosa, chromodoris willani, philonopsis gardinieri, bird wrasse, napoleon maori wrasse, bluespotted stingray, seal faced puffer, giant pufferfish, spotted boxfish, andaman sweetlips, huge marble sea cucumber, crown of thorns seastar, col magnificient slug, feather star, copperband butterfly fish, clown trigger fish, bullseyefish, squirrel fish …

I am afraid I can not remember the full list…

We also discovered rice fields, temples, salt production, pearl farm, markets…And had nice and tasty meals : nasi goreng, mie goreng, babi gulling, sate, lawar, nasi campur, soto ayam, ayam betutu, banana pancake…

With wonderful and enthusiast guests…See you very soon for more…

All the best, Sonia

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